Dry Cleaning SEO Case Study – Increasing Organic Traffic By 81%

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We helped our dry cleaning SEO client Helgas Veļas Māja to increase their organic traffic by 81% and rank on the first page in only six months. 

In this SEO case study, you will find out how we implemented our startup plan SEO package to grow this dry cleaning business and almost double their local organic traffic. 

Let’s dive right in!

Developing a Dry Cleaning SEO strategy

Although the client is not located in the United States, our developed strategy yielded results within the first months of the campaign. 

We started with a full SEO audit to see how we could improve the existing website. 

After conducting the audit, we saw that there was a content gap between our client and its competitors in the local market. Additionally, there was an un-tapped content opportunity for dry cleaning and other household tips that could drive clients to the company’s website. 

Our team decided to start with on-page optimization for all service pages and content creation around questions and topics that the targeted client audience often searched on search engines. 

On-page optimization for a dry cleaning business 

One of the main issues was that the business did not target many of the keywords for the most important services they offered. 

Firstly, we carried out keyword research and created a dedicated page for each service, such as dry cleaning, wash and fold services, shirt ironing, etc. 

Secondly, we added H1 tags and metadata for all pages and included the targeted keywords within them.

Thirdly, we made sure that the content is longer than any of their competitors have created, and it matched the search intent for each keyword. Of course, we also did internal linking to guide authority to the most important pages we would like to rank. 

Creating a content and off-page SEO plan

During the keyword research phase, we realized that none of the local competitors have created content about cleaning stains and other household tips. 

Great content that answers the questions searched by a large portion of the local audience can generate a lot of traffic and also provide organic backlinks to the website. 

We decided to create good content for unanswered or queries and carry out outreach to build new backlinks and increase the authority of the site.

This resulted in a large increase in organic traffic, and our client has now ranked on the first page with a lot of the created articles. 

Google My Business listing

We created a GMB a.k.a. Google My Business listing for the company. As the map-pack is the first thing that appears in the search results for local queries, we knew that this will be an important part of the dry cleaning SEO campaign. 

We created a GMB listing and added as much information as possible. It is necessary to include the correct business address that matched the one listed on the websites as well as adding the correct contact details. 

Additionally, we added the main services and their pricing. To make the business more approachable, we added a bunch of pictures of the company and the premises. 

Improving the GMB listing for local businesses increases the likelihood of receiving more calls and inquiries about the offered services on a daily basis which also happened in this case.

The results of our SEO campaign

Increased organic traffic by 81% for our Dry Cleaning SEO Client

We are happy to announce that by ordering our dry cleaning SEO services the client ranked on the first page of Google for the term “Dry Cleaning” and “Dry Cleaning Riga”. Also, the organic monthly traffic has increased by 81%. 

Together with the increase in traffic, the company finally receives daily orders for laundry pick-ups which is crucial in these times, and now services more than 10 additional large clients, such as hotels, kindergartens, etc. 


SEO can be an important part of the marketing strategy for local businesses as it can double organic traffic and revenues within a couple of months from the start of the campaign. 

Our SEO services can help with growing a dry cleaning company or any other local business, so feel free to reach out to us if you need help with your business! 

Until next time!

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