E-commerce seo and shopify seo

We provide e-commerce SEO and Shopify SEO to dramatically drive our client local and international sales numbers for their online stores. Our team will provide the best assistance to bring your company to a new level and increase the store’s organic traffic.

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Bring in new customers with e-Commerce SEO

Online shopping evolves every month, and it is forecasted that by the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce. More than 44% of online shoppers start their journey on Google, so e-commerce companies must leverage search engine optimization to rank higher and increase their sales volume from organic traffic.

The benefits of
e-commerce SEO

increased revenue

higher conversion

better user experience

Our approach to e-Commerce and Shopify SEO

eCommerce sites ask for a completely individual plan when it comes to SEO. We work with different niche sites as well as general e-commerce stores to fix on-page, technical, or conversion issues. After improving the site, we create a content marketing funnel with evergreen topics that will attract new customers every month.

How can we help your online store?

e-Commerce audit

Full audit is necessary to find out how to improve your user experience, some technical factors, and understand whether you are targeting the right keywords within the product’s niche. This should be the first step in any eCommerce SEO campaign.

Page optimization

Product page optimization does improve two important factors – search visibility and conversion rates. By improving the description, product title, and other elements of your product page, we will help you to sell more and grow your business.

Category optimization

Most companies forget that category pages can be optimized and improved to bring more traffic from category-based search queries. Use of relevant keywords in the category page will drive targeted organic traffic to your products.

CTR optimization

Updating the title tags and call-to-action phrases in your copy and product pages can drastically increase your click-through rates and conversion. Also, a good CTR gives Google positve signals that could result in higher rankings for your top keywords.

Schema markup

To help Google understand your page better, it is necessary to incorporate Schema markup within your website. Review markup is really important for eCommerce stores as it also improves click-through rates and increases client trustworthiness.

eCommerce content

Creating a content marketing funnel is crucial to generate product awareness and convert the leads into potential long-term customers. Additionally, great content creates linkable assets that attract organic backlinks and improves the authority of the eCommerce store.

Dropshipping Search Engine Optimization

Although dropshipping entrepreneurs typically use paid advertisements to drive traffic, it is necessary to realize that dropshipping search engine optimization can increase the store’s ROI by a landslide. Organic traffic in most cases can bring in more than 30% of the total sales revenue for online stores. Increasing the SEO efforts of your dropshipping store will allow you to acquire new clients without the risk of burning funds on ad spend and target group testing.