SEO services

We strive to provide the best SEO services to our clients. Since the founding date of our company, we have offered a wide range of search engine optimization services to create long-term value for our customers.

Our passion for search engine optimization backed by our research and testing ensures that our SEO services will be done by following the latest industry standards.

SEO services

Why should you invest in SEO Services ?

SEO services are often underrated as businesses tend to invest in other marketing channels, but research has showed that 9 out of 10 people prefer organic results than promoted content. 

Also, under 1% of searches result with clicks on the second page of Google while the first position in the search result gets more than 30% of the traffic for the searched term. 

Search engine optimization services

Our team offers a wide range of SEO services. Starting from SEO audits and keyword research to off-page SEO tasks such  as link building. We have created the necessary processes to quickly implement different strategies that will bring new customers to your company’s website and rank on the first page of Google for your desired keywords.

We will analyze the website’s technical, on-page and off-page performance to find new opportunities for potential improvements.

In the combination with improving the technical aspects of your e-commerce or Shopify store, we will come up with a content plan based on relevant search terms that will drive real value for your business.

By analyzing the most search terms and topics in your industry, our team will come up with a content plan that will target attainable keywords and phrases that will drive traffic to your company.

After conducting an in-depth analysis of your company and your competitors, we will gather a specific list of keywords that will help your company to achieve the set-out goals.

Succeeding  the creation of linkable assets, we will do manual and targeted outreach to your industry’s peers to facilitate link-building to other relevant blogs and sites increasing the authority of your company’s website.

Local SEO

Our team will help your business to acquire more local leads and appear higher on Google’s Map pack, which takes up the top of the search result for local search queries. 

How we approach our
SEO services:

We strive to do a thorough analysis of our client’s website and the selected industry to make calculated decisions that will positively impact the search engine rankings of our client. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, so we optimise the client’s website and create evergreen content that will bring organic traffic for our clients for many years to come.



At the very beginning of our partnership, we will dedicate our time to fully understand your business, your needs and your client profile. Together we will decide the goals you as a business would like to reach with your SEO campaign. Additionally, we will set out KPIs based on your business model in order to measure our success with the implemented SEO tactics.



In the research phase, we will analyze your website and perform an on-page and technical audit to find ways how we could improve your online presence. To find your advantage over the competitors, we will create a thorough competitor research, including the analysis of their backlink profile, targeted keywords, and other ranking factors.


Strategy and planning

During the planning phase, we typically layout the complete plan for the first months of the campaign, which starts out by taking on the tasks that will potentially give the biggest impact on the website’s ranking in the search results. Together with the first actions, we will start generating ideas for the potential content plant based on the done keyword research.



Our team will start to implement the beforehand created plan by starting with the most important things that bring your company some “quick wins”. Initially, we would fix the found issues in our SEO audit and then start to create linkable assets to fulfill the content plan. This is one of the most important parts of our SEO campaign as it allows us to implement the necessary changes that will start bringing in organic traffic for your business.


result measuring

After the implementation part, our team on a monthly basis will gather the data and the rankings for each targeted keyword to assess the success of our SEO campaign. We will base our reports on the pre-distinguished KPIs that we agreed upon in the strategy and planning phase. Together with the owners of the business, we decide whether the goals have been achieved and what could be changed, or what keywords or tasks should be tackled next.



Search engine optimization is not static and it changes all the time, hence it is getting more and more difficult to compete with other businesses for specific keywords. All tactics don’t work the same for all industries, so if the goal of the campaign would not be reached within the desired term, our team would re-adjust the approach and implement new things to tackle the desired phrases and bring in more traffic for your business.

Why choose us as your SEO agency?

Our main goal is to provide real value and a great customer experience to our customers. We create an individual SEO plan for each client so that our actions would be in line with the specific business needs of the particular client.


Full-scale SEO services

Our agency offers a wide selection of services starting from on-page, off-page to technical SEO and copywriting  services that will encompass any type of business and increase revenues in the long term..


We love
what we do

Our team loves SEO and follows the latest trends of the industry. We create test sites to implement and analyze a lot of different approaches to find the best solutions for our potential clients.



We have developed different SEO packages so that you can find the best offer for your company. Starting from small businesses to large e-commerce sites, we will offer the best pricing for your company.

Frequently asked questions about SEO services

It depends on the industry and the competitiveness of the targeted keyword. Usually, good results can be achieved within 3 to 6 months from the start of the SEO campaign. If the keyword is quite competitive, for example, if you are working in the finance niche, it will take more time, effort and a bigger budget to rank on the first page.

In short, YES! All businesses (small or large) always will benefit from SEO if it is done correctly. Search engine optimization can increase the company’s revenue and provide a constant flow of leads and clients for a long period of time.

We will start out by researching your business and creating your client profile to understand the best approach to drive more leads or sales to your company. After that, we will audit your existing site to find how we could improve your SEO efforts. Then the most interesting phase will start, we will follow our plan and create content that will create value for your business.

We offer many different packages that will fit small business and also large websites. You can find our pricing here..

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